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Biblioteca Nacional

Visit the National Library Museum

Location: National Library Museum

You can now tour the Biblioteca Nacional museum virtually. Its eight rooms have been adapted to the new ways of being discovered by visitors, who can now enjoy them from their homes.

In the "Sala de las Musas" (Muses Room), visitors can see temporary exhibitions of the Biblioteca Nacional. The "Room of writing and its supports" shows the evolution of the instruments and supports on which people used to write in the past until the present day, with a section reserved for the most important and longest-lasting support: paper.  

"The Memory of Knowledge" and the "Minimal Room" house a journey through the history of knowledge and its transmission. The turning point in this stage of evolution was the invention of the printing press and its power to disseminate content. "Workshops and literary cafe" is a multipurpose room with hundreds of uses by visitors. 

And finally, the "Aula Quixote" has been converted into an audiovisual and multimedia space where users can print their own cover of "Don Quixote" and study digitized editions of this important novel up close. 

More information: National Library Museum

Image credits:  ©Cribe_Shutterstock