Turismo Madrid


responsible tourism

Practicing responsible tourism means taking care of Madrid

Prepare your visit
Find out about the destination or the place you are going to visit.
Check which areas can be visited and if they are affected by any restrictions or special measures.
Make reservations in advance in accommodations and restaurants.
Respect the rules on capacity.
Get information at tourist offices.

Respect the recommendations and sanitary norms
Do not leave home if you have been ill or exposed to COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
If you develop symptoms during your visit, return home and contact your health center.
Maintain a safe social distance and respect the seating capacity.
Wear a mask at all times and keep your hands clean.

Practice responsible tourism
Avoid crowds and crowded areas.
Find out about the regulations that affect the area you are in and ask for permission if necessary.
Carry out activities in a safe way. If you need it, you can count on professional guides.

Respect the environment and leave no trace
Be respectful of the environment.
Preferably use public transportation or park your vehicle in designated areas.
Collect the waste you generate. Do not leave any waste.
Respect the flora and fauna.

Consume locally and help local businesses.
Help the local economy and reduce the carbon footprint of the planet.
Consume Km0 products.
Choose local businesses, local accommodations or local products.


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