Turismo Madrid

Enjoy the Madrid nightlife

Madrid never sleeps, or so they say. What is clear is that it's one of the Spanish cities with more nightlife. Its nocturnal activity invites you to letting loose until late at night for different zones according to your tastes. This week we talk about what you can find at any time of the year when the sun goes down. Let's start!

Our first stop will be the area of Argüelles-Moncloa, whose proximity to colleges and residences make it the youth zone par excellence. Here you can start taking a bite while you warm up in places of affordable prices and then have fun with your friends in the many bars and pubs until late at night. Although when they close, you can attend any of the nightclubs in the area that open their doors until the early hours, where you will find a good atmosphere and young people.

Not far away, in the area of Alonso Martínez, now known as the 'Salesas', the youth audience is found here at first hour thanks to the existence of discotheques dedicated to the youngest, but late into the night, the age also increases and the area is full of very diverse people who want to taste a good cocktail and have a good time. Here you will find mythical places and pubs of the Madrid nightlife where you will surely spend a different night.

A few meters away is located the well-known Chueca neighbourhood. The streets Fuencarral and Barquillo delimit this cosmopolitan area full of all kinds of places that has become one of the most fashionable and famous gay neighbourhoods in the world and an international reference LGTBI. The fun is guaranteed any day of the week thanks to its offer of bars, quality restaurants, places with different musical styles and even pubs with shows.

Then, we arrive at Malasaña, a trend-setting Madrid area that offers alternative rhythms and above all, reminiscences of the Madrid movement because it was there where this artistic and social movement was born. A bohemian atmosphere is what characterizes this area in where you'll spend a great time thanks to its pubs where you can listen rock, punk and indie-pop music.

Our next stop is on the other side of the Gran Vía Street, we are talking about Las Letras neighbourhood. Until Huertas come many tourists to enjoy the musical proposals of their pubs where pop, rock and indie music are the real protagonists. Although after walking through its streets, mostly pedestrian, and crossing the Plaza Santa Ana, the flamenco becomes the protagonist thanks to different flamenco venues.

Next to the Plaza Mayor and the Puerta del Sol is located the genuine neighbourhood of La Latina, which although it is known above all for its gastronomic offer and to be full of terraces, also gives us the chance of having fun in venues with live performances, pubs with delicious cocktails and as in the previous neighbourhood a great variety of flamenco venues where you will enjoy a good flamenco show.

The area of Lavapiés also offers flamenco shows, but like being a multicultural neighbourhood you will also be surprised by African, Arabic and Latin rhythms, an evidence of the non-existence of borders. Come into this area and discover how is the night in the different places of the world.

The Castellana, one of the areas with the most and best nightclubs in Madrid; the centre of the capital, where some of the best-known clubs, tablaos and discos are located; and the Salamanca district, where are located some of the restaurants, pubs, and the most exclusive and elegant environments, and where you will vibrate with the commercial rhythms.

In addition, through the Salas de Música en Directo La Noche en Vivo Association you will be able to access a varied offer of live performances by both established artists and new talents, as well as different types of musical genres such as jazz, flamenco, black or electronic music among others.

Now you know a little more about the nightlife in Madrid, what do you like more?