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CICLAMADRID, as far as your wheels will take you...

CICLAMADRID is the cycling tourism brand of the Region of Madrid. It is the ideal way to approach a world full of nuances, details and unique experiences that only at the speed of the bike can be appreciated in all its richness. Natural spaces, places of singular beauty, castles and fortresses, whitewashed villages, monasteries, landscapes, squares, wineries and vineyards... an inexhaustible universe to discover after every pedalling.

Exploring the Region of Madrid by bicycle and enjoying its landscape has always been possible, but now more than ever we make it easy thanks to the different routes through the mountains, the greenways, and the circular route of more than 400 kilometres, comfortable and accessible trips, which bring you closer to 400 Cultural Interest Goods (CIG) and about 300 museums. In group, alone, with your family... the choice is yours!

CICLAMADRID is healthy, allows you to meet other people who share interests and lifestyles, only produces satisfactions and is consistent with the culture of sustainability. It is the respectful way of knowing, experiencing and sharing without contaminating.

CICLAMADRID is a 420-kilometre perimeter route that connects destinations and tourist resources, including three World Heritage-listed sites and a National Park. It is linked to the city of Madrid by a series of radio corridors, some of which lean on the public transport network to facilitate accessibility for cyclists.

CICLAMADRID also offers a series of specific products for different profiles of cyclists, from the most sporting to those who love slow culture, including families, groups of friends or nature lovers.

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Image credits: ©Hugo Fernández. Region of Madrid