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Shopping in Madrid

Shopping is unavoidable when you are in Madrid. The wide variety of shops, from traditional ones to the most prestigious international brands, makes of Madrid a shopping paradise. Make room for shopping in your agenda!


When you go shopping in Madrid, you cannot miss one of the most exclusive areas in the capital: Barrio de Salamanca, a quintessential chic area known for the quality and variety of shops it offers. In the 'Golden Mile' you will find famous fashion brands, jewelry, decoration and much more. Even if you only go window shopping, you will walk into big national and international names such as Chanel, Manolo Blahnik, Louis Vuitton, Loewe and many other prestigious firms. If you are a fashion victim and, even if you are not, the streets around Barrio de Salamanca always make for a pleasant walk.  


One of the most modern areas in the city is located close to Almirante street, in the neighborhoods of Malasaña, Chueca, Triball and Salesas. Here you will discover an authentic shopping paradise where design primes. Young designers have established their shops in the so-called Ballesta Triangle (Triball), whereas a world of rainbow opens up around the square of Chueca, with gay-themed shops standing side by side with other trendy shops. And, if you are looking for something more exclusive but still trendy and daring, Salesas is your area, full of haute couture shops and young designers boutiques.

Centenary shops

Walking through the old city center, you will run into centuries-old shops that offer a taste of past times. Experience the feeling of travelling in time for a moment in these shops located in the streets of Arenal, Carretas or Mayor, where today -like a hundred years ago- you can still buy fans, hats, walking sticks or espadrilles, amongst others. Discover the centenary shops.

Rastro and other street markets

If you are one of those who likes to mingle with people, wander through the streets aimlessly or look for bargains, while vendors shout to get customers´ attention competing with pop melodies playing in loudspeakers, you will love the most renowned flea market by this side of the Pyrenees: 'El Rastro'. A Sunday stroll though its streets and stalls is never complete if you do not do as locals do and end up the morning drinking a glass of wine or beer with tapas in one of the old traditional taverns surrounding Plaza de Cascorro. 

Nevertheless, a bunch of other markets are also worth a visit, such as "Mercado de Motores", "Mercado de las Ranas" or the fleamarket at Majadahonda. The Medieval in Buitrago del Lozoya or the "Siglo de Oro" (Golden Century) Market in Navalcarnero. Click here for more information on markets.

Shopping centres

Shopping centres are an ideal one-stop shop when you can both go shopping and dining. There are more than 130 throughout the Region of Madrid and, many of them are open every day of the year.They offer a wide choice of shops and goods, plus in some of them you can also find cinemas.

In a category of its own, El Corte Inglés is the Iberian Peninsule's number one department store. Here you will find anything you intend to buy, or so the popular saying goes. Finally, for discounts lovers, Las Rozas Village defines itself as a chic outlet shopping, featuring streets and buildings that ressemble a small Mediterranean town.

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Image credits: ©Hugo Fernández. Region of Madrid