Turismo Madrid

Ciencia y cultura para todos

Do you like the archaeology, the outer space, the ships, the science or the fashion? There are museums for every one. Find out them!

Due to its theme and amusement, the children and family might be also interested on the Naval Museum (where you will see how was a Commander's ship cabin); the Railway Museum with its interesting steam locomotives and the Railway's history; the Air & Space Museum where you can see up close several aircrafts in; the figures, celebrities, artists and athletes from the Wax Museum; the Costume Museum or visiting the Caixa Forum.

If you are interested on science, it is a must to visit the National Museum of Science and Technology. The monitors and the environment in there will approach you to the science in a funny and enjoyable way for all the members of the family. In the Museum of Natural Sciences workshops, guided tours for children and special programs are organised every weekend. Check the agenda in order to discover the proposed activities, they will not disappoint you.

One of the best ways to learn in a playful way and sharing it with the family is visiting museums. So, what we propose here is that you enjoy the dramatized monologues in the National Archaeological Museum, you will love it and it will evoke different sensations, since it will allow you to get to know the history in a funny and enjoyable way. Or you can either discover the Fire-fighter's Museum, with the vehicles, suits, shows, etc. This last museum is one of the favourites of children, since they admire this profession.

From Madrid to Heaven: there has never been a better place to watch the stars, and thus, we propose that you visit with your family the Royal Astronomic Observatory of Madrid. There you will be able to learn the secrets of the space-observation with a guided tour. Outside the capital we have two spots that will approach you to the space exploration, one is the Lunar Museum of Fresnedilla de la Oliva, which reflects the importance of this municipality on the first trip to the Moon as a monitoring station; and the other one is the Visitors Centre of the NASA in Robledo de Chavela, where you will be able to visit a small part of the NASA in Europe and be like an astronaut for one day.