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Escapada a… Chinchón

The Villa of Chinchón, is one of the most beautiful places of Spain, especially for its historical centre that was declared Historic-Artistic Grouping. Preferred destination for the cinema, which finds in its Plaza Mayor the best of the sets, streets full of history, an impressive natural environment, and a gastronomy worthy of the most demanding palates. Come to Chinchón!

To the southeast of Madrid, just 45km from the capital, is located this beautiful Villa. The Tajuña River, waters its valley, with vineyards and olive trees of maximum exponents and fertile fruit of this rich land.

Chinchón is a picturesque town with a strong personality, which preserves its charm and makes it as a treasure, for the enjoyment of own and others that make the delight of lovers of the unique. Stroll through its streets, explore its bars and taverns, to sit in the Plaza Mayor and see the houses grouped that protect it, contemplate its landscapes of diverse colour in ochre and grey tones, taste the quality of Castilian food prepared delicately and served with care... There are many reasons to visit Chinchón.

An added reason to visit Chinchón is that it is part of the program known as Villas de Madrid, along with five other municipalities of the Region that will allow you to enjoy promotions and discounts thanks to a free application called Villa Card.

The history of the town has antecedents that go back to the Neolithic, and in which they have lived different civilizations, from the Iberians to the Castilians. Of the first time of its inhabitants are conserved numerous caves, the best known and visited is the Cueva de la Mora. The Romans, settled in Titulcia, left their trail in the camps that they established in the zone, the established Arabs in Toledo had under its government, and the king Fernando I reconquered it.

Enrique IV, granted the title of "Villa", to become a place of recreation for the noble and influential personalities of the time. It would be the all-powerful emperor Carlos V, who granted it the title of County, for later the House of Bourbon, already in the eighteenth century, named it "Very Noble and Very Loyal Villa", for its loyalty in the War of Succession.

In fact, the Frenchmen also left their mark on the municipality. To check it, you only have to find the so-called "Column of the French" in the Plaza Mayor, look for it!

It's well worth spend the night in Chinchón

The history is so diverse and important as the greatness of the tourist resources that owns this locality, to become a pole of tourist activity for the enjoyment of all those who want to escape to this privileged place. A good option is to spend the night in the Parador, in a hotel or in a charming rural accommodation, because there are many options.

But Chinchón is much more and if you make a weekend getaway, you will have the chance to visit the surroundings because they are worth it. Its historical patrimony includes the ruins of the Castle of the Counts and the Castle of Casasola. If you like nature, the surroundings of Chinchón stand out for their wetlands like the lakes of San Juan, Casasola and San Galindo, or the space of Pingarrón that is included in the Regional Park of the Southeast. 

You cannot miss the opportunity to taste its typical Castilian cuisine that is adapted to the modern times. For example, you can delight your palate in the Parador de Turismo which is located in the Monastery of the Agustinos that throughout the year offers a dozen representative dishes that delight the visitors, such as fresh vegetable dishes from La Vega (cooked, boiled or stuffed), in winter the Caldo de Taba or the Guisote de Ajillo de Cordero Lechal. Not to forget, the succulent 'tapas' (snacks) that you can taste in the mesons that surround the main square and other establishments of this village of which they are a tradition. 

Upcoming celebrations

But in Chinchón there is always some celebration that is worthwhile returning. To make your visit even more enjoyable, we will advance you two festivities that will take place in the coming months. Write this in your calendar and don't miss one!

FEBRUARY. CARNIVAL. 25th and 26th February 2017. Coinciding with the arrival of the Carnival, Chinchón goes back in time and the Medieval Times takes over its streets and its Plaza Mayor. Artisan works of great variety, period music, jugglers, falconry and countless shows and activities contemporaneous.

MARCH. XX EDITION THEATER "JOSÉ SACRISTÁN". It's one of the most important cultural activities of the municipality. Sponsored by José Sacristán, neighbour of Chinchón and a reference in the Spanish theatre and cinema, takes place at the Teatro Lope de Vega on Saturdays and Sundays between the days 4th and 26th March 2017. The closing and awards ceremony takes place on 1st April.

APRIL. CHINCHON PASSION. 15th April. Within the Holy Week we highlight the living representation of the Passion of Christ, one of the most famous of the Region and the oldest, since it began to be realized in the year 1963. This artistic-religious act was declared Festivity of National Tourist Interest in 1980.

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