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Escapada a… Brunete


If you are thinking what to do next weekend, we suggest you to come to the town of Brunete. A getaway, in which this town, located a few kilometres from the capital, will soak you in recent history, will delight you with its historical heritage and allow you to enjoy in family with outdoor activities. Do you want to join us?

More than 30 kilometres separates Brunete from the capital. This municipality located in the Guadarrama Basin surprises all its visitors due to the remains of the war, because it was here where took place the 'Battle of Brunete' of the Civil War that as a result of numerous bombings and fires destroyed the town.  

Apart from this tragic episode, which has effectively left samples of that time, we prepare ourselves to enter this population that will surprise us with its heritage in which we highlight: the Plaza Mayor declared 'Good of cultural interest' by the Region of Madrid in 2016, Los Jardinillos and the monument 'Raíces', the Parish Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, the hermitage of San Sebastián, as well as different sources.

Thanks to its location in the Sierra de Guadarrama, can be done outdoors different activities. On the one hand, if you like to be in touch with nature its surroundings will allow you to take a pleasant walk in which you will see breath-taking landscapes, streams and a very rich and diverse fauna. And on the other hand, if you fancy a more specific stroll or bike ride, Brunete has at your disposal a series of routes and activities with which you will have a great time. 

Of course, you can always take advantage of these getaways in the region to taste its delicious gastronomy. This town of Madrid puts at your disposal a menu based on the roasts and soups with a clear protagonist, the chickpea from Madrid. A delicious that despite the high temperatures always goes down well!

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