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Escapada a… Villanueva de Perales


In the West Mountains, is located the Madrid town of Villanueva de Perales, place where we are headed this week for our usual getaway. Walk through its streets and soak up its history, or enjoy its natural surroundings, full of vegetation, where you can do hiking. If you would like to know more, keep reading...

Now that the temperatures start going up in thermometers, fancy make outdoor plans, either knowing the heritage of a town, or doing some hiking route and thus be in touch with nature.

On this occasion we suggest you go to Villanueva de Perales. This Madrid town is located in the south-western part of the Region of Madrid known as West Mountains, an area predominantly mountainous landscape and for along which run the Alberche and Perales Rivers, leading to a variety of landscapes with valuable plant species.

We started walking through the streets, among which we appreciate their popular constructions, although they are becoming scarcer due to its modernization, they can still be seen samples of buildings with the typical features of the Madrid Sagra using wood, tile, sometimes stone and especially mud in the shape of adobe.

It highlights the Milla Palace, scene of many hunts, such as those held between 1913 and 1917 in which participated the kings Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eugenia, as was stated in the commemorative plaques located on the main façade.

If you want to enjoy with family, friends or couple (up to you!) the nature, we suggest that you take the 'Ruta Cañada Real Segoviana' which begins in the Interpretation Centre Livestock Trails and runs 21 kilometres to reach Sevilla la Nueva.

Enjoy a different plan without leaving the Region of Madrid.

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