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Getaway to… Villanueva de la Cañada


Taking advantage of the summer temperatures that are still with us at this time of the year, this week we suggest a getaway to the Guadarrama Basin, to the town of Villanueva de la Cañada, which is located just 30 kilometres away from the city of Madrid. Discover its artistic heritage, go trekking in its various paths or bring your bike and explore its nature trails. Are you going to miss it?

Located in the Guadarrama Basin, the town was formerly known as 'Despernada'. By contraction of the word, became known as 'La Espernada' and emerged several legends about the origin of the name. Although in a parallel way was known as Villanueva de la Cañada, because it was transit path for going up and down ravines of the mountains, but it was not until the Declaration of Villazgo (1626-1628) when it was officially declared the latter name.

Although the area was devastated after the Civil War, we can make a route through the city discovering buildings of great architectural beauty and which stand out for its stunning location. This is the case of Aulencia Castle, also known as Castle of Villafranca that was used as a fort during the war. In the centre of the town stand out among others the Statue of Despernada, a bronze sculpture, that has become a symbol of the municipality and represents the image of a beautiful princess whom has lost a leg, the Chapels of the Angel and San Anton, the rebuilt church of Santiago Apostle and the Aljibe, a water tank built after the Civil war to provide water to the population.

If you prefer to be in touch with nature, the town offers the opportunity to enjoy the good weather visiting its parks and gardens; learn about the different ecosystems in the Regional Park of the Middle Guadarrama Basin thanks to the transformation of an old country road in ecological path that you can explore on foot, horseback or bicycle; and even explore its trails and paths with different degrees of difficulty. The golf club La Dehesa is another attraction of the town.

Villanueva de la Cañada, a different and fun option, without leaving the Region of Madrid.

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