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Getaway to… Aldea del Fresno


Summertime is already here! If you are determined to fight the sweltering heat of Madrid this year, it is very easy. Just 49 kilometres away from the city, in the beautiful village of Aldea del Fresno, water, sun and nature are waiting for you with an irresistible and super refreshing combination. Who said that there is no beach in Madrid?

Aldea del Fresno is a town, with category of Villa belonging to the municipality Aldea del Fresno, located to 49 kilometers southwest of the city of Madrid. The lands of the town,are crossed, from north to south, by the Alberche River, hence its unique leafy vegetation of scrubland and holm oak trees, one of the main attractions of the town.

At the confluence of the rivers Alberche and Perales is formed a great sandy area and a huge elbow where it's located a recreational area where we can do activities of hiking or swim surrounded by black poplars and pine stands. This river park called Alberche Beach, also known as the beach of Madrid, is one of the few areas of the Sierra where bathing is permitted, and which also has all the services for you to spend a great beach day without I leave the city, surrounded by the incomparable natural beauty of the West Mountains.

It has different picnic areas, safe drinking water, toilets, river beaches, showers, multiple dining options with four kiosks, security parking and all the equipment necessary to make sure that you don't miss any details on your getaway. A nearby paradise where find shelter from the heat and enjoy nature, find out by yourself.

In the environment of the river park, is located the Picadas reservoir, and less than a kilometre from the historical centre of Aldea del Fresno is situated the Pedrera Bridge, a fabulous bridge 300 years from which you can enjoy spectacular views of the fresneda area which owes its name this beautiful town. Among the monumental aspect of the town stands the Arab Ferris wheel situated on the Perales River and is likely to be before the twelfth century, the Tower of the Parish Church of St. Peter the Apostle, from the eighteenth century as the only element of the church that deserves object mentioning after its restoration in the late seventies, and the farm El Santo, about 2.5 kilometres of Aldea del Fresno, towards Chapinería, among its buildings, stands out for its antiquity the old Hermitage of San Saturio and San Saturnín, possibly prior to the XIV century.

If you want to do trekking activities in this natural landscape, do not forget that the council of this town offers you a free tourist maps, where different routes to follow are detailed and the most important monuments and natural sites in the area.

Also, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the animal park Safari Madrid, also known as Safari Park, on the farm called El Rincon, whose main attraction is watching the animals in semi-freedom, without cages. An activity for all ages, where you'll find rhinos, giraffes, elephants, hippos, bears, tigers, birds, reptiles, and varied leisure and recreational activities such as Mega-Toboggans, Kart track and restaurants among others.

Also, on the occasion of the celebration of the saint festivities of this town, St. Peter the Apostle, on June 29, there will be numerous activities among which stands the religious ceremony, fireworks, bull running, bullfights, sports competitions, etc.

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