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Escapada a… Casarrubelos


Located in the south of the Region of Madrid, in the so called "Comarca Sur" (South Region) the town of Casarrubuelos is this week's suggestion for an excursion. Once again, you will have the chance of enjoying not only outdoor activities, but also a historical heritage that will surprise you.

In the South Region, an area in which there are still many remains of Mudejar art, is located the town of Casarrubuelos. This population, which belongs to our region since the sixteenth century was founded after the reconquest.

Casarrubuelos is an ideal place for those who want to enjoy the tranquillity that only the countryside can offer. Upon arriving, the first thing that will catch our attention will be its flat and slightly wavy landscapes, where dryland combined with farmland, which thanks to the presence of several streams we provide a particular landscape.

The town has several buildings that enrich its historical heritage. So in our way through the town centre can marvel us with its Parish Church of Santiago, the City Hall, in whose clock tower can be seen the three shields of the municipality, or the monastery of Santa Maria de la Cruz.

Also you can't miss the 'Fuente Vieja', which is and has been one of the main meeting places; the 'Molino de Piedra' that you will find in the town square; or the 'Noria', which was built by Julián Pérez Salas in 1914.

Of course, you'll know the surroundings enjoying nature thanks to the proposed routes between Cubas de la Sagra and Casarrubuelos. Two easy routes that can be done on foot, on horseback or by bicycle.

Concerning as its festivities, every 1st May take place the traditional 'Fiestas del Mayo', in which you can enjoy good music in the Plaza de la Constitución, their traditional parade of floats, and the particular procession of the 'Santísimo Cristo de la Vera Cruz'. But there is even more because, during the month of July and on the occasion of the 'day of the patron saint' on the 25th, in addition to the procession, will take place the traditional open-air dance in the square, as well as recreational activities for the whole family.

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