Escapada a… Los Sotos de Villamanrique de Tajo


Hiking lovers, this week we suggest you a new route that will be able to make on foot or bicycle. We're talking about 'Los Sotos de Villamanrique de Tajo', a route that runs along one of the few groves that are conserved in the river from which it takes its name, and allow you to enjoy two very different landscapes: on the one hand, you will find typical riverside vegetation and on the other crop fields. Shall we begin?

As we advanced at the beginning of the new, this week will suggest a circular route quite simple, with just 4 kilometers and a slight slope, that you will make walking or cycling if you wish. It is well marked with signs and indicators that will lead mostly along the banks of the River Tagus.

The Constitución square of the Madrid town of Villamanrique de Tajo is the starting point, from there we walk through the Iglesia square and Sur Street until you reach a dirt path that will lead us to the door of the Recreation Area Las Cuevas.

We will find a dirt track and reach the banks of the Tagus River that will accompany us almost the whole way. After passing a wooden bridge, we will reach a fork. We take the road on the left, because the right is precisely for that then we come back to the starting point and we go into the grove which houses one of the most important riparian forests that are preserved in the valley of the Tagus.

From here on, enjoy the landscape that offers the area with wonderful views of the Tagus, until a bird observatory from where you can see the most common species that inhabit in the riverside as the mallard, heron or common coot. Although in the area you may also see other animals such as lepers turtles or water snakes.

After leaving the observatory, and pass several croplands, we will dispose the path taken to get back to the starting point of the route in the village centre of the town.

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