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Escapada a… Valdelaguna


Southeast of the Region of Madrid, in the Tajo River basin you can find the hospitable municipality of Valdelaguna. Take advantage of the nice weather to take a short trip to this municipality located a few minutes away from Madrid, a town full of history and nature trails.

Valdelaguna is a historical place, which dates back to the time of Enrique VI, king of Castilla (brother of Isabel la Católica). The origin of its name seems to come from a former old lagoon. What is certain is that now, there are many sources of water gushing spring.

Just 49 kilometres away from Madrid, explore this welcoming town, designed by Fernando de Benavente de Quiñones, commissioned by the king. Its most outstanding monument is the Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, Parish Church, which it highlights its tower. Inside you will find paintings dating from the 15th century. Accessing the tower, you will admire the performances of the Virgen de la Blanca (patron saint of the locality) and the Sagrado Corazón de Jesus, highly venerated by the neighbours.

If you walk through this charming village, you will find out many other hidden treasures. As the exterior facade of the Casa del Cura or the Public Washing Place, antique meeting point for the women of the village, which has been renovated currently and preserve the original stone structure. Next to the laundry, you will discover a silent witness of the agricultural past, the Wine Press, which remains the grand wine tradition of the municipality, as the Empiedro mill, which was used to produce vegetal oil.

Another interesting point that you cannot miss is the Council which received in 1986 the award of the Official Architects College of Madrid, thanks to the design of the architects Víctor López y Carlos Puente.

If you have some more time, explore the environment of Valdelaguna through its several natural trails, that will allow you to admire the color-scheme contrasts of the landscape of the valley, where you will enjoy the spectacular views from the "Peña Huevera" Viewpoint, original departure point of the Vega route, which owes its name from the legend of gentile 'abubillos' who receives the Valdelaguna residents.

Do not wait more, come and discover Valdelaguna!

Learn more: http://www.valdelaguna.org/pueblo/presentacion.html