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Escapada a… Valdilecha


With a privileged location in the 'Comarca de las Vegas', between two different landscapes, is situated the town of Valdilecha. Its broad artistic heritage, its landscape and its gastronomy make it the ideal place to enjoy a new getaway without leaving the Region of Madrid. Would you like to know more?

Only just over 40 km. away from Madrid, in the 'Comarca de las Vegas' and nestled in a valley, is located the town of Valdilecha. It is precisely its location, which gives the city a very particular landscape due to in one side we find a flat landscape, which favours the cereal crops, and on the other the Vega del Tajuña, with vineyards and olive trees, a show worthy of watching.

A curious fact is the meaning of its name 'valley chosen', which comes from the Latin 'val' from vallis, which means 'valley' and 'dilecha', whose theory suggests that its origin is the Latin participle 'dilectam' that means 'pick and choose'. But there is a second theory, perhaps less known, which argues that the meaning of its name is 'valley of milk' because of the fame that acquired their dairy products, reason why Valdilecha went on to become in the official supplier of the Royal House during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

With an interesting historical and artistic heritage, visit the church of San Martin Obispo, one of the most interesting of the Middle Ages that are found in Madrid, whose frescoes, housed inside, provide it more importance to this temple of Gothic-Mudejar style. Other renowned constructions are the hermitage of Cristo del Amparo, and the hermitage of the Virgen de la Oliva, from where you can get a fantastic view of the valley.

In all the getaways, we suggest you as an activity to be in contact with nature, and on this occasion was not going to be less, thanks to the proposed routes that will have you access to the pine forest, grain fields, or sources among other points of interest. Choose between these five routes, and let be captivated by its unique landscape: 'del pinar', 'de la desilla', 'del cereal', 'de las fuentes' or 'del trebolar'.

Of course, you cannot leave the town without having tasted its oils, stews or its roasts cooked in a wood fire. Take the opportunity to taste its 'hornazos' (Easter pie), butter cakes or anise buns so typical of the gastronomy of Valdilecha.

All this and much more close to the capital city, find out!

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