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Getaway to… Villar del Olmo


In the so-called 'Comarca de las Vegas', in a valley of luxuriant vegetation, you will find the town of Villar del Olmo. During the autumn season, various colours confer to the area a special beauty. Explore every corner, walk through its streets and immerse yourself in its history. Live Villar del Olmo!

Very close to the Madrid town of Nuevo Baztán, just over 50 kilometres from the capital, in the region of 'Comarca de las Vegas', we find 'Villar del Olmo', a beautiful town full of greenery, which allows you to escape the stress of the week and enjoying a short break to rest, while you know the attractions of the area. 

With a well-preserved popular architecture, we find in our way through the streets, examples of Romanesque, is the case of the church Our Lady of Antigua, although over the years it has undergone several changes. The heart of the town is in the Plaza Mayor, where you can make another stop in the Mayor fountain.

Other points of interest are the fountains of 'San Isidro', which received its name in honour of the patron of Villar del Olmo in the year 1902; the 'Quemado' and the 'Escurrizo', which will access through two livestock trails of the municipality: the 'Cañada de las Merinas' and the 'Camino de Pozuelo'.

Enjoy its nature thanks to the 'Senda del Tren de los 40 días' (Rail 40 days Path), which will take you to the 'Forest Park La Pililla'. On our way we find a lime kiln known as 'Calera' which is situated very close to 'Chozo de los Castaños'. After passing the 'Bardelloso Tunnel' we arrive at 'Chozo de El Guarda', from which we will enjoy its wonderful views of the valley.

A new getaway in order that you should organize the plan for the weekend without leaving the Region of Madrid, with family, friends, couple... ¿what's your choice?

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