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Getaway to… Morata de Tajuña


If you are looking for a different getaway, this week we suggest you you approach until the Madrid town of Morata de Tajuña. A few kilometers from the capital, this place is full of history and green areas where you can relax with family or friends, and will let aside the daily stress.

Less than 20 minutes from the capital, just 35km southeast, it's located the town of Morata de Tajuña, in the tourist area of Las Vegas, in the lower course of the river Tajuña. This is an area with a different landscape, away from tall buildings that fill the cities. A lounge area, full of green spaces, within walking distance of Madrid.

The citizens of Morata de Tajuña had as their principal occupation the agriculture, which used, the plain of the river Tajuña to cultivate high quality products such as hemp, wheat, barley, rye, oat, vegetables, garlic, olives, grapes and other fruits. The town, closely linked to water as shown by the fulling mills, the washing places and fountains, also has abundant flourmills. In one of them we will find the Museum of the Milling of Tajuña.

It has interesting sights and monuments, proof of this are: the Church of the Conception of Renaissance style, dating from the sixteenth century; the chapels of la Soledad and Fátima, the former Virgin, or the Christ of the Chamber; the building of the Mac-Crohon family, built on a plot of a former convent and that the family used as a residence during their stays, or the City Council.

But if you're looking to enjoy outdoors the town has several routes and paths in which to stroll while enjoying the landscape and wildlife. You walk along the river course in La Vega del Tajuña will see the infrastructures made by man to save its course, the Llanos or routes Battle of Jarama, the Vega or Morata if you like walking are other options to explore its environment.

Cycling lovers are in luck because in this town are the Greenways of Tajuña and The train of 40 days. Old railway line linking Madrid with the town of Guadalajara, Alocén, with little difficulty, prepared to cross it by bike or even walking.

As for the festivities of the town worth highlighting the recognized Holy Week festivity of Regional Tourist Interest since 2001 in which thanks to the involvement of people is represented the Passion of Morata de Tajuña, which takes place at sunset with the called 'prepasión' playing everyday scenes from the life of Jesus of Nazareth.
Enjoy a different getaway, come and feel yourself Morateño!

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