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Paseo Azul por el casco urbano de Rascafría


If there is one town in the region of Madrid that is worth visiting because of its location, cultural heritage and landscape, it is Rascafría. It's a town that is the gateway to the Valle del Lozoya, at the foot of the Sierra de Guadarrama. This week, we propose you this simple urban route, following the course of the Artiñuelo River that crossing the town, with little difficulty, will make you enjoy the nature and the heritage.

This route, which follows the course of the river as it passes through the municipality, will take us through some of the most unknown and otherwise very significant points of interest in Rascafría. The route is highly recommended to go with children, since along the walk we have several recreational areas and parks.

We begin our route in the centre of the municipality, specifically in the Town Hall, which is in the neo-Mudejar style, covered with very characteristic exposed brick, and was once the town's school. Next, we will find the Manola Bridge, with a sculpture representative of the women in a past era when they went down to the stream to wash their clothes, in the shape of a square over the river, where the sound of water and birds, delight us, as they pass.

We continue our quiet walk, crossing the oldest bridge in the municipality, the so-called Pericoton Bridge, which we will hardly see due to the abundant vegetation that adorns it. The riverbank leads us to another point of interest on the route, the footbridge of the Avenida del Paular, from which we can see the stream and its water collection, towards the irrigation ditch that supplies the surrounding vegetable gardens.

The course of the river leads us to the well-known Pilón, built with granite and a single pipe, which served as a watering place for the cattle in times. The River Park, then, with the sculpture that pays homage to the man of the field, watching the time pass by. We will go up the riverbed by any of the steps we find, and through the Calle de la Fuente we will end the tour in the Plaza de España, just where we started our journey.

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Image credits: © David Daguerro / CC BY-SA