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Turismo en Miraflores de la Sierra… todo el año


The inestimable natural and ecological value of Miraflores, a town located in the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, and the Cuenca Alta del Manzanares Park, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, give it a strategic value for the enjoyment of active tourism in all its forms.

Only forty-nine kilometres from Madrid and in a unique enclave in the mountains of Madrid, we find this beautiful town of Miraflores, a crossroads between ports, specifically Morcuera and Canencia. It has been and still is a holiday place par excellence, although with the passing of the years and the improvement of communications, it has become a permanent place for many residents of the Region of Madrid. The beautiful valley that shelters it, as well as the mild climate, have made it a place of meditation and inspiration for talents such as Vicente Aleixandre, an illustrious neighbour of the town. 

Its aristocratic recreational villas, the beauty of its landscape, the natural and animal varieties, offer an endless number of attractions for the tourists who pass by, as well as for those who live in its streets.

In summer we can enjoy many outdoor activities among which we will highlight the different routes we have available, by bike, on foot or even for ornithology lovers.

Miraflores can be considered one of the meccas for cycling enthusiasts at a national level, not only because of the feats that have taken place on its ramps to the nearby ports in international competitions such as the Tour of Spain, but also because of the long distance travelled along the surrounding forest tracks. Whether by road or mountain, nature is presented to us in all its splendour at every curve or slope. The mountain forest with its holm oaks and ash trees, make up a unique landscape for the enjoyment of fans of this healthy sport. 

A hiking day from Miraflores is a challenge because of the variety of paths and the different degrees of difficulty that are presented, to enjoy a day outdoors with friends and family. Kind paths such as the route to the refuge of the 'rebollar', way of the 'Muñequilla', to share a pleasant walk with landscapes of postcard, or ascensions to the peak of the 'Najarra' or 'Perdiguera', for the most experienced and demanding walkers, in which the change of vegetation is modified before us as we go up the mountain. 

Finally, in this walk through nature, we cannot ignore for ornithology lovers the great variety of ecosystems that we can find, with their protagonists, the birds, in their natural habitat, proud to be observed. The black vulture, the golden eagle, the peregrine falcon are some of the specimens that we can see from the peak of the Najarra. More than 150 species of birds have been catalogued in these places, which is why the area has been included in the plan for a Special Protection Area for Birds (SPA). 

Nature in all its aspects, in a unique place... come to Miraflores!

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