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Escapada a … Navacerrada y Cercedilla



Navacerrada and Cercedilla, two of the best located municipalities in the Sierra de Madrid, tourist references for its impressive natural surroundings, which allow all kinds of variants to enjoy active tourism through routes that draw idyllic landscapes, as well as a cultural offer, activities and gastronomy, for all tastes and ages, and of course with a privileged climate in summer.

We start in Navacerrada
We start our getaway in Navacerrada, which maintains mild temperatures in summer, allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities throughout the day in the best atmosphere. This municipality is ideal for a day trip, weekend or even longer stays, as it has a very good atmosphere with an agenda of events and activities that will have us active during each of the days that we enjoy the environment. The gastronomic offer is enormous thanks to its large number of tapas bars and restaurants. It's especially recommended the veal, with the denomination of origin, Sierra de Guadarrama.

The program available in Navacerrada includes concerts, children's shows, lyric galas, summer cinema, theatre, conferences, workshops of all kinds and for all ages, exhibitions and much more, let's find out.

In the Teatro de la Casa de la Cultura we have several events worthy of mention, two conferences on Tuesdays 22nd and 29th August, dedicated to the figure of Martin Lutero, the monk who changed the church and Juana of Austria, Queen Regent, well ahead of its times for her intelligence and character. Also a concert of the Amor, father and son, Rafael and Salvador, on the 25th, which compiles the works of the neighbour poet of the municipality for some years.

In the house of culture, as well as in the cultural association la Maliciosa, there is still the possibility of attending one of its workshops and seminars programmed for adults, children and youth. Please, check the schedule for not to miss anything. 

In the Hall of Exhibitions, the creation of Takashi Murakami, "Superflat, new pop culture", is worth visiting with a selection of 30 works of this promising contemporary artist. Or, in the entrance hall to the theatre, we have an exhibition with the oil and watercolours of the association for the promotion of development and integration (FDI), in its work with the disabled. At the Municipal Library, we can still attend some interesting literary gathering before the end of August. We can also check availability for workshops and courses in music, painting, astrology or history. 

Besides these activities, as for the landscape, climate and surroundings, Navacerrada invites to the calm ride, to detoxify us with the pure and clean air, either for the urban routes, to discover the historical, cultural and gastronomic heritage, or the observations of the rich flora and fauna of the area, or outdoor sport.

We move to Cercedilla
Our other destination, Cercedilla, is a place to escape taking advantage of the summer, which offers infinite possibilities, hiking, flora and fauna, incomparable landscapes, its vast history, from the time of the Romans, and of course the gastronomy. In addition, the agenda of activities is multiplied these days, let's go trough it.

The National Park of the Sierra de Guadarrama, in its visitor centre offers a wide range of walks and challenges for the innumerable trails. The natural pools located in the Valley of the Fuenfría, called of the Berceas, offer a unique and privileged environment to enjoy the bathing.

If we want some adventure, we travel by train until the port of Navacerrada and Cotos, to see landscapes of dreams, we can even climb to Bola del Mundo and see an image that we will never forget.

The cultural summers of Cercedilla are known for their variety and incessant activity, music, summer cinema, theatres, exhibitions and concerts. Its Plaza Mayor, becomes the summer nights, in a stage of events and gastronomy.

The week of the mountain takes place from 23rd to 27th August, with the aforementioned activities of the train ride, guided routes in the town, its history and surroundings, for families and more advanced groups, and of course, the stories of Carlos Rubio or Aitor Bárez, professional mountaineers. There is also a chance to visit the ski museum.

Navacerrada and Cercedilla, two refreshing destinations in summer.

Image credits: Hugo Fernández. Region of Madrid