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Escapada desde… Rascafría a Oteruelo del Valle y Los Navazos


In the spectacular Lozoya Valley, it's located one of the most beautiful places in the Madrid Mountains, Rascafría. This week, we suggest you know this 'villa', and stay in touch with nature through two low difficulty pleasant walks that will take you to Oteruelo del Valle and Los Navazos. Would you like to go to these locations?

The Region of Madrid is full of emblematic municipalities, one of them is Rascafría, which nestled in the Lozoya Valley, in the Sierra de Guadarrama, has a landscape of extraordinary beauty.

With a popular architecture typical of the towns of the Mountains, Rascafría is part of the tourist promotion program 'Villas de Madrid', near the towns of Buitrago del Lozoya, Chinchon, Colmenar de Oreja, Navalcarnero and Nuevo Baztán. It's interesting its historical heritage in which highlights the Monastery of El Paular, one of the most important in the north of the Region of Madrid.

If you like to stay in touch with nature, you are in the right place, because included within its municipal boundaries, is located the Natural Park of Peñalara where you will find the highest peak of the region, and where you can see species of flora and fauna of great value. Its offer of natural tourism is very wide, highlighting the 'Rutas verdes' (green routes).

As we advanced you, there are other walks that can be done in this area, designed for all audiences, perfect for a family plan.

Our first route is the one that goes from 'Rascafría to Oteruelo'. Just over half an hour is the time necessary to explore the 2,25km, with little slope, that separate these two points. This is a traditional way, part of the cattle trails of the Valley. A pleasant walk that runs between stone walls bordering different fields, and thanks to its vegetation are the perfect refuge of birds, butterflies, rabbits and other animals.

The second proposed route is the one of 'Oteruelo Los Navazos'. A low difficulty circular walk, that starting from the Eras de Oteruelo, where is located the Office of the Natural Park of Peñalara, will allow you to reach the area of Los Navazos and the meadow. Even though is necessary to cross the M-604 road twice, this route of 3,29km, is simple and you will enjoy for about an hour the beauty of its landscape with meadows and small farms limited by trees and bushes on the left side, and a landscape more uniform with little trees on the right. From the highest point of the route, you will enjoy stunning views of the valley, limited by the Montes Carpetanos. From here on, we go down the road of Cerros until reaching the beginning of the route.

If you want to disconnect from the capital city for a few days, Rascafría is your destination thanks to its perfect fusion of history and nature.

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