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Getaway to… El Boalo, Cerceda y Mataelpino


Located in the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park and to some extent in the Regional Park of the Upper Manzanares Basin as well, this municipality is made up by three different towns: El Boalo, Cerceda and Mataelpino. Discover its unique landscape and its remarkable historical heritage in the getaway that we are proposing this week.

We begin with a bit of history, because as its name suggests, this municipality is composed of three different locations: El Boalo, Cerceda y Mataelpino (BCM). After the Reconquest, were populated by Segovia shepherds in search of pasture and better climate for their flocks.

If you're decided, and choose to make this getaway you wont regret because this town has a variety of attractions that will make you spend some unforgettable days.

In its artistic heritage, we find different monuments well worth visiting. Good proof of this are the church of Santa Maria la Blanca, San Sebastian Martir or the hermitage of San Isidro. Of great importance they are also its archaeological sites and necropolis.

For those who love contact with nature, the area offers exceptional landscapes thanks to its particular location in the Region of Madrid. Around here runs one of the stages of the Way of St. James that culminates in Mataelpino. This environment has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco and forms part of the Regional Park of the Upper Manzanares Basin.

Explore the area through its trails, on foot or by bike. You will find easy routes, if you want to spend the day with your family, or with higher slopes, so that with your mountain bike, you will scroll through routes such emblematic as La Pedriza. Climbing, also allow you to unload adrenaline, and here it is possible.  

El Boalo, Cerceda, and Mataelpino is also the ideal place for horse riding, hiking and donkey rides, and why not?... test your knowledge of ornithology, because you will spot in the area storks, imperial eagles, or griffon and black vultures among other birds.

Gastronomy is another plus point to know the area, and in November starts the 'Pot Fair' (Feria del Puchero), so if you're still thinking about it, come on, visit the town and takes the opportunity to enjoy succulent meals like those of yesteryear.

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