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Escapada a… La Cabrera


In the Sierra Norte and more specifically at the foot of the Sierra de La Cabrera, is located this municipality of the same name to which we go this week to learn about its important cultural legacy and the attractiveness of its environment, with the possibility of exploring the area through its routes. Are you ready?

As lovers of getaways that we are, on this occasion we thought to accompany you to the town of La Cabrera in Madrid, which, located in a unique environment, gives us the opportunity to enjoy leisure time, combining the richness of its cultural heritage, with its outdoor activities.

Very close to the capital, you can find this town declared of Cultural Interest, in the category of 'Archaeological Zone', which in times of Muslim occupation was located in the so-called 'Tierra de Nadie' or 'Marca Media', and it was not until later, after belonging to the Lord of Buitrago, when it was incorporated into our region.

This population is located in the Sierra de la Cabrera, an impressive natural jewel in the mountains of Madrid, formed by plutonic rocks, which give the area an extraordinary beauty, as well as sufficient characteristics for mountaineering and climbing

A real paradise for lovers of outdoor activities, since from here, it is possible to take different routes on foot or by bicycle, with different levels, to explore the surroundings, where the Pico de la Miel, perhaps the most famous in the area, is located. A perfect plan to do with family, friends, or... as you choose! 

We cannot ignore its rich cultural legacy with the Potro de Herrar, the Fountain of Santa María Egipciaca, the Tombs of the Moro, the Immaculate Conception Parish Church, or the archaeological remains of Cancho Gordo, among other points of interest. Special mention should be made of the Monastery Convent of San Julián and San Antonio, which last month was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC) in the category of Monument.  

It is a Romanesque style building, located almost two kilometres from the town centre, in the middle of nature, whose origins date back to the 11th and 12th centuries, possibly belonging to the Benedictine monks. The church has three naves, a stone cross and a head with five semi-circular staggered apses with a barrel vault roof, and a tower erected in two different periods. You cannot leave without visiting its gardens located inside, a pleasant walk where you will find fountains and ponds.

To finish this visit, you can always taste its gastronomy in any of the town's establishments, an option that will undoubtedly leave you with a good taste in your mouth! 

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Image credits: ©Web Ayuntamiento La Cabrera