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Getaway to… Canencia


The small mountain town of Canencia is located in the Sierra Norte, one of the wealthiest areas in the region as far as nature is concerned. Enjoy some relaxing days in this rural tourism destination, in order to taste the flavours of autumn. Let its environment dazzle you and get to know its history by walking in its nature paths. Will you join us?

This week we encourage you to discover a charming place in the north of Madrid, a destination well worth going without haste, enjoying the surroundings and each time that this beautiful mountain town provides us. Canencia, located in the Sierra Norte, in the basin of river Lozoya, acquires a particular beauty in this season, ideal for those who love contact with nature and hiking.

It is said that its name is because in ancient times there were real kennels in its term, which would explain the reproductions of dog's heads in the eaves of the church. Before going into the town, in its surroundings full of vegetation and streams, will find three medieval bridges: the Canto Bridge, Cadenas Bridge, and Matafrailes Bridge.

Walk along in its small streets we can see traditional buildings that mix the urban with the rural style, as well as some points of interest of its historical heritage. Is the case of the Ermita del Santo Cristo, the parish of Santa María del Castillo, the Plaza de la Constitución whereis located the Council of the town, and the source Cantarranas.

Thanks to the mountainous nature of the area, we found numerous streams and waterfalls alongside the variety of trees creating a landscape worthy of seeing. Cereal and grass plots intermingled with meadows and pine reforestation and a single birch grove in which some species are classified as 'Singular Trees' by the Region of Madrid, is just a sample of what you will find.

If you want to know more about the area, we suggest making any of the proposed routes: Cachiporrilla, Reajos, Pinares, Medieval Bridges, from the Port to the village or Sestil del Maíllo. Or if you prefer, enjoy in the pine forest in the 'Recreation Area Port of Canencia'.

Of course, you cannot leave without tasting its cuisine in which dishes such as chicken fricassee or stewed partridge will delight our palate.

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