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Getaway to… Pinilla del Valle


The town of Pinilla del Valle is located in a unique setting, in the Upper Lozoya Valley. It is a perfect place to relax and break away from the hustle of the week, although if you prefer you can also practice various outdoor activities, and even visit the important site of the 'Valley of the Neanderthals' which will soon open its doors to the general public.

Located in the Sierra de Guadarrama, Pinilla del Valle is in an area of great beauty because of its situation surrounded by mountains, has a microclimate that allows the existence of flora and fauna of great ecological value.

The origin of its name has two theories, the easiest says that is because the quantity of pine trees that were in the area, and the other refers to a viscose plant whose smell is like pine and called 'pinillo'. The rest of the name comes from its location on the Lozoya Valley.

If you decide to visit this beautiful town, you'll discover its historical heritage walking the streets, where you'll find many sources on your way: the source of the Plaza, 'Barrio de Abajo', 'Cruz', 'Los Cantarsos', and the 'Estajadero'. Of special interest are the parish church of San Miguel Archangel, the hermitage of Our Lady of the Conception and the hydraulic mill of Navazo, now in disuse but that was very important since it was built.

But also you will have time to get in touch with nature enjoying the beautiful landscapes through the proposed routes to explore around the village. You can go hiking and even rest on the viewpoint of the reservoir of Pinilla or in the designated areas to stroll conditioned with banks.

Of course, don't forget to visit the newly opened site known as 'Valley of the Neanderthals', which definitely opens its doors to the public on September 26. You will see the progress of the excavations and discover the new findings, a unique experience!

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