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Routes through the countryside of the Henares


To the east of the Region of Madrid, between the Jarama and Henares rivers, is the so-called 'Countryside of the Henares' (Campiña del Henares). If you love being in touch with nature, take your bike or put on your sport shoes and enjoy the landscape offered by the routes that run through the extensive fields of grain. Do you want to know more?

Due to the geographical situation of the Region of Madrid, cross several paths that are used for the transit of livestock and are known as livestock trails. Now they constitute a unique historical heritage in Europe and in the world.

This week we provide you some routes that make these pathways and that you will find in the Countryside of the Henares, an enclave limited by the Jarama and the Henares rivers that run through the towns of Daganzo, Camarma de Esteruelas and Meco. An area with riverside vegetation and a uniform landscape, slightly distorted by soft hills and small mountains.

The four routes are part of a protected area in the Region of Madrid, thanks to the relevance of their bird life in the regional, national and even European context, so its municipalities are integrated in the SPAB (Special Protection Areas for Birds).

The first route goes to the Cerro del Moro, part of the dividing zone that separates the valleys of Torote River and the Monte or Valseco stream. In this route you can enjoy splendid panoramic views, from the colourful cereal countryside to the riverside groves of Torote River and the cliff of the Henares.

The second route coincides in its first section with the previous one and will enable us to enjoy one of the most bio diverse ecosystems that we can find in the territory. We are talking about the riverside groves or gallery forests that are still preserved on the banks of Torote River.

The third route is known as the 'Descansaderos' because run through two characteristic widening of the livestock trails the place where transhumant cattle and shepherds 'rested' (descansaban in Spanish) at the end of each day. Henares river valley with its large cliff becomes the protagonist in this step since it can be seen during the tour.

The last route runs almost entirely along the Cañada Real Galiana on its way through the town of Meco. Here you can observe large cereal steppes and one of the few olive trees of the area.

Download the guide with the 'Routes through the Countryside of the Henares' to have access to all necessary information about levels of difficulty, access or even the cultural values of the area so take advantage the most of this plan.