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Getaway to… San Fernando de Henares


Come to San Fernando de Henares, where its history customs and cuisine will surprise you. Also, if you go before the 7 April you can attend the engravings exhibition 'Diurnes', result of the collaboration between Pablo Picasso and André Villers. Would you come with us?

The Real Sitio de San Fernando de Henares, is a town located in the east of the Region just 15 minutes from the capital, at the confluence of the Henares and Jarama rivers. Part of its municipality is within a protected natural space the Southeast Regional Park.

Walking through the city centre, which in 1983 was declared a historic site, you will find other attractions such as the Exhibition Hall Juan Carlos I in the España Square, or the Town Hall, located in what was once the Royal Textile Factory and Tapestries and of which only the facade remains.

Special mention deserves the Aldovea Castle, located in Soto de Aldovea before being the palace known today was a castle, originally built as a fortress during the time of the Reconquest, to protect the banks of the Henares, and later, by the eighteenth century its owners decided to convert it into a palace.

Like a curiosity, the February 3, the town celebrates the 'Day of the tortilla', for this they will meet with the food that gives its name to the festivity, in the poplars on the hill and in the Dolores Ibárruri Park, which usually organized activities for children.

Currently the town, hosts in the abovementioned exhibition hall the sample 'Carpeta Picasso. Carpeta Diurnes'. Until April 7 you will see the engravings result of the collaboration between Pablo Picasso and the photographer André Villers. This is a very special show in which shown the lithographs created by the artist who illustrated texts by the poet Jacques Prévert. Owe their origin to the time that they lived in the Provence, where, fascinated by the beauty of the place and by superimposing and application of "decoupages" the artist from Malaga recreates an imaginary mythology of Picasso about the evocative landscapes captured in black and white by the camera of Villers. The realization of this folder is provided by the German publisher Berggruen and produced in Paris in 1962. With free access, you can make guided visits previous appointment on the phone 91 669 59 28. Don't miss it!

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