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Getaway to… Torrejón de Ardoz


In the so-called corridor of the Henares, is located the town of Torrejon de Ardoz, considered part of the metropolitan area of Madrid, and since its inception back in the eleventh century, combines history and culture with industrial development, also for its strategic location of the communications in the National Road II, which links Madrid with Barcelona and the proximity to the airports of Torrejon, and the International Adolfo Suarez, make it an ideal place to visit in any time of year.

There are many things we can do in Torrejon de Ardoz, including contemplate the history of the Region simply walking towards the streets of the old town, visit its religious symbol, the church of San Juan Evangelista, dating from the XVI century and jealously guards a treasure, the picture of artist Claudio Coello, 'The Martyrdom of Saint John the Evangelist' from 1675.

Among the unique spaces of the town, we stop at the Casa Grande built in the fourteenth century as a farmhouse of the Jesuits, and that once they were expelled, they regent a barracks of the Civil Guard, to actually become a hotel center and artistic, in which we highlight the "Museum of Icons", being the most complete and varied in Western Europe, as it has works of all schools of religious art, from Moscow to Greece, through Byzantine art, being considered good of cultural interest.

Torrejon puts us on a platter the opportunity to visit different corners of the continent, thanks to Europa Park, a recreation area and nature of some 190,000 square meters, with over 5,000 species of trees, shrubs and tens of thousands of flowers season. Inside you can visit the main monuments of Europe: The Eiffel Tower, the Berlin Wall, London Bridge or a Greek theater. Do not miss the cyber source, which projects a great show of water, light and sound. If you're still feeling energetic browse in one of its lakes.

Within the traditions of Torrejon de Ardoz, we emphasize the Holy Week, declared of regional tourist interest in 2014. The antecedents go back to the sixteenth century when the Bull of the Blessed Sacrament, organizing his famous processions, with sculptures of Gregory Fernandez School, considered one of the greatest exponents of the Baroque Castilian. The pass of Holy Thursday, 'The Last Supper' highlights to be carried by 20 local children.

The leisure and entertainment offer is very wide, found in the Parque Corredor, a shopping center pioneer in Madrid, where shopping, dining and entertainment come together in a space of one floor. Not far from this location we have opportunity to play golf in the field of the Air Base, open to the entire public.

Enjoy the great selection of restaurants and accommodation where you feel like at home and can taste a typical cuisine of Madrid, but with modern influences.

If you are an active person, you have the opportunity to enjoy the Southeastern Regional Park, a protected area where can perform many outdoor activities. Put your boots, pack your bag and enjoy nature.

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