Discover the region of Madrid through original themed routes


Our region is home to countless natural, artistic, heritage and cultural elements of interest to both visitors and locals. On this occasion we present some of the most interesting routes through our territory, read on!

The region of Madrid allows the design of hundreds of hours of routes that connect points of interest scattered throughout the region. The routes are intended to connect various elements by areas of interest. For example, a set of Natural Routes allows you to know, design and travel through the main points of interest of the natural environment.

In this group of nature trails you will find routes with a long tradition in Madrid, such as the famous Ruta de los Siete Picos or the Senda del Maeso, which cover, respectively, the peaks of our mountain range and the impressive views of La Pedriza. You will also find ideas for other lesser-known routes, such as a route along the Pico del Nevero or a visit to the Silla de Felipe II.


Another of the most recurrent categories is that of World Heritage, a group that contains tours of the main points of our region recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage. Here are listed several routes through Alcalá de Henares, Aranjuez or San Lorenzo de El Escorial, whose richness is such that allows the design of different routes dedicated to know, for example, the Palace of Aranjuez, the Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial or the remains of the ancient Roman Alcalá.

But our heritage is not only based on buildings and natural environments. Another of the most attractive categories of routes is the Gastronomic routes, tours specially designed to squeeze our culture and culinary tradition. For a tapas tour in Madrid, the Ruta de la Tapa is a must. For those who want to venture around the region, a Cheese route can be a great idea to discover places and flavors, and for wine and oenology lovers, Wine Routes are a delight!

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The offer is wide and plural. The Rutas Literarias are always a perfect plan that combines art and history with a special literary sensibility. And for those who want to dive into the depths of our history, a route through Medieval Madrid will delight the most curious.

Check out all the details and discover more routes in our Rutas por Madrid section, go on an adventure!