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Green route to Arganda del Rey


If you are looking for ideas to get out into the countryside and do some hiking or cycling, keep an eye on Arganda del Rey, a municipality in the southeast of Madrid where one of the most complete green routes in our region ends, keep reading!

From Rivas-Vaciamadrid to the municipality of Arganda runs a green route of almost 9 kilometres that includes a large number of points of interest, both in terms of landscape and history. The route is considered to be of low difficulty, so it can be enjoyed with the family and at the pace of all ages.

From the Rivas-Vaciamadrid station, the route reaches the El Campillo Lagoon, a very popular spot in this area, which is one of the largest lagoons in our region. This route does not stop at the lagoon, but continues until it reaches the old rails of the old Steam Railway. The route crosses an old iron bridge over which the Arganda train used to run. This bridge is one of the great attractions of this route, as it is an original challenge; however, you have to walk over it, so if you are on a bike you will have to get off and walk.

The bridge crosses the Jarama River and the route continues, leaving the famous Rivas cuts behind. On the way, before reaching Arganda, we come across the La Poveda Railway Museum on the left, which can be visited with a stop along the way.

Afterwards, the route continues until it reaches the old town of Arganda del Rey. The town has a good gastronomic offer for those looking to recharge their batteries after the day's journey. Arganda is a leading tourist destination, for example in the wine sector.

Check the information on access and route layout, wear comfortable clothes according to the season, and discover the paths of Madrid!


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Image credits: © Howard Sayer. Shutterstock