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¨Guadarrama acts for peace¨, a charity initiative in the Sierra de Guadarrama


Guadarrama Town Council, together with the group Mejora Guadarrama, have launched the solidarity initiative ¨Guadarrama acts for peace¨, in which different associations and musical groups have joined forces to raise funds to help refugees from Ukraine.

This charity action has designed an extensive programme and wants to help as much as possible both the citizens in Ukraine and those who arrive at the borders of neighbouring countries, making them reach the different destinations with the necessary supplies.

All performances will take place in the Centro Cultural La Torre at 19:00 hours and all concerts have an entrance fee of 3 euros which will be donated entirely for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The programme is made up of six events, spread over the month.

On Saturday 7 May, the concert by the Orquesta de Pulso y Púa "Balanguía" will take place, a display of art and great talent that will be an opportunity to combine the passion for music with this humanitarian action. On Sunday 8 May, the appointment will be with choral music. One of the groups belonging to the AdManum Association will offer a wide-ranging musical repertoire under the direction of Raúl Trincado. 

On Saturday 14 May, the Coro Rociero de Guadarrama will delight the audience with their southern airs. Sevillanas, fandangos, malagueñas, seguidillas or soleares will open an afternoon that will be completed with a folklore show offered by the Asociación Búlgara Balcan de Collado Villalba. And on Sunday 15th May, the variety and colour of the voices of the choral music will return, once again offered by one of the vocal groups that make up the AdManum Association. 

Finally, on Saturday 21 May, dance will be the protagonist through the magic that the members of Shamsia-Art bring to the stage. Dance and dance for solidarity, followed by the performance of the Lukas Band, who will invite, to the rhythm of rock, the solidarity of all those attending the concert. The last of the performances will take place on Sunday 22 May, this time in the morning. From 12:00 noon, the bagpipes of the "La Tarabica" Pipe Band, belonging to the Casa de Asturias in Guadarrama, will play their most traditional tones to liven up the morning for those who decide to join them on this solidarity occasion.

This initiative has been promoted and supported by the Guadarrama Commerce Association, the Guadarrama Association of Traders and Entrepreneurs, ACEG, the Guadarrama Gastronomic Hotel and Catering Association, Imprenta Gráficas J. Sánchez and the solidarity participation of the groups and associations that act and collaborate in ¨Guadarrama acts for peace¨.


More information: Guadarrama actúa por la Paz

Image credits: Sierra de Guadarrama © Jacinto Marabel Romo. Shutterstock