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Festivities honouring St. Peter in Anchuelo


After two years of hiatus, the municipality of Anchuelo returns to celebrate its Patron Saint Festival in honour of Saint Peter Martyr of Verona, the much-loved local festival with years of tradition in the town, read on!

With an extensive programme dedicated to honouring the town's patron saint, Anchuelo welcomes its first local celebrations in three years. With a visiting public that at this time of year almost triples the population of the municipality, the festivities have a markedly religious character, with a variety of activities and a markedly recreational and festive atmosphere.

Until May 2nd, the patron saint, with the curiosity of carrying the head cut off by a pruning shear with which he was killed in 1252, walks through the streets of the municipality. Dances, clay shooting and other competitions, open-air dances and bullfights with heifers enliven the days. On the 28th, those interested are invited to the Plaza Mayor for refreshments and, at 22:30, to attend a floral offering and a gathering of peñas and locals, who will parade through the church square. Then, at 11:30 p.m., from the balcony of the Town Hall, the fests' proclamation and kick-off ceremony will be given, and at midnight there will be a fireworks display in the bullring.

The 29th kicks off with a mass at 10:00 h. and another at 12:00 h. In the evening, at around 19:00 h., the religious procession of San Pedro Mártir begins, accompanied by a musical band. The evening will see DJs and flamenco dancing from 23:00 h. onwards.

On Saturday 30th a Mass for the Dead will be celebrated at 12:00 h. and the day will be full of games for children with bouncy castles, craft workshops, fantasy make-up and a gummy bear show inspired by the Disney character Minnie Mouse. In the evening there will be more dancing, trophy presentations and more DJ's from 20:00 h onwards.

On Sunday the first of May there will be a bullfight in the bullring from midday. At 13:00 h. there will be a charanga; at 19:30 h. a release of bulls and, from 23:00 h. a musical tribute to the 80s with the presence of more DJs.

On Monday the 2nd the fiestas come to an end with a day of bullfights with heifers, more children's activities and an end to the fiestas in style with more fireworks and a chupinazo (fireworks display).

Check out the full programme and come and experience Anchuelo's most festive days.


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Image Credits: © Ayuntamiento de Anchuelo