Chinchón's Parador hotel


Did you know that in our region there are two Paradores Nacionales de Turismo? With the usual uniqueness and charm of these hotels, we are talking about the Paradors of Alcalá de Henares and Chinchón.

The arrival of the good weather multiplies the leisure and free time plans. A trip to the countryside, a stroll through the monumental Alcalá; whatever your weekend option, you can complement it with a stay in one of these majestic hotels.

The Paradores de Turismo are unique hotels scattered throughout the country. Their main attraction lies in their buildings or locations, which have been chosen for their great historical, cultural or artistic interest. Staying in a Parador is always a unique experience, which blends with the history and realities of each territory.

In the municipality of Chinchón, the former Monastery of the Augustinians, dating from the 17th century, is the building chosen to house the Parador. It has been refurbished and adapted to modern needs and services, but it still preserves its cloister, nowadays landscaped. The actual accommodation area, where the rooms are located, is the old area where the monks used to stay. 

The original building was founded by the Counts of Chinchón and, therefore, many of the rooms have historical names. You can stay in the Prior's Room or the Countess of Chinchón's Room. In addition, you can enjoy a select gastronomic offer. It houses several restaurants, such as El Convento or El Bodegón, where traditional Madrid cuisine is usually predominant.

For its part, the city of Cervantes is a tourist attraction of the highest category due to its rich historical heritage. For this reason, a former 17th century convent-college, the Hostería del Estudiante, formerly the Colegio Mayor de San Jerónimo, is today an outstanding Parador de Turismo.

The building combines classical architecture with modern interior decoration. In addition to this syncretism, it offers a wide range of services, including a conference room, SPA and business center, in addition to the usual services of the Parador network.

Its gastronomic offer is also a synthesis of Castilian tradition and signature cuisine. You can taste their version of the typical migas alcalaínas, a good cod confit, or the traditional roast suckling pig or lamb.


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Image credits: Parador de Chinchón © Audrey_Sel. Flickrstock