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It might seem difficult, given that Madrid is a great cosmopolitan capital, but our region is home to the most peculiar corners that offer an assortment of very original activities. Did you know that the Sierra de Guadarrama brings together the lovers and curious of astronomy? Read on!

The reasonable distance of the Sierra de Guadarrama from the capital and its light pollution makes its mountains an ideal spot for astronomy lovers. The rugged environment combines marvelously with the clear nights to offer a galactic spectacle. Different proposals allow you to take advantage of these conditions to see the sky. 

For example, the company Astroafición offers astronomical experts in all the activities it offers: solar and nocturnal observations, talks, workshops, etc. You can participate in astronomical hiking excursions, tastings under the stars or, if it is your first time, you can enroll in one of its astronomy initiation courses. One of the strengths of this project is its digital mobile planetarium with capacity for up to 30 people.

For its part, Navalmedio will reveal all the secrets of the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, making routes on foot, horseback, bicycle or even snowshoeing. Among all these offers, "astrotourism" is also contemplated. 

In addition, you can participate in all these activities from an initiation level, so that no previous knowledge is required for a day (or night) of adventure in the Sierra.

Come and live an unforgettable experience!


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