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Klimt's painting


Matadero Madrid center premieres a new exhibition, "KLIMT. The Immersive Experience", an exhibition that transports the public to the creative universe of Gustav Klimt, the great Austrian-born symbolist painter, a real experience!

Hall 16 houses this exhibition that, through large-format immersive projections and the use of very new exhibition technologies, manages to break with the traditional conception of the museum. A multitude of interactive tools and immersive techniques allow visitors to approach Klimt's work with an unprecedented closeness.

Gustav Klimt is internationally recognized for his modernist works, in its Central European aspect. His aesthetics is a well-recognized personal stamp and, now, this exhibition allows visitors to feel surrounded by his particular style, through the pictures he painted and the decorative elements he designed.

The exhibition occupies up to 1,200 square meters where different elements of interaction with Klimt's work are distributed, such as virtual reality glasses, different exhibition spaces and immersive digital reality screens.

This great immersive production has been devised by Madrid Artes Digitales, which has converted the Nave 16 of Matadero Madrid into a Center for Immersive Experiences, making it a benchmark for the dissemination of digital arts. The space is at the forefront for the exhibition of the new digital culture, the meeting between art and technology that attracts the attention of the most contemporary scene.

The visit lasts 90 minutes and the facilities are adapted for access by people with disabilities or reduced mobility.

The exhibition can be visited until May 1st, book your tickets!


More information: KLIMT. The immersive experience

Image credits: KLIMT. The immersive experience © MAD Madrid Artes Digitales