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Riddles' game


The escape room leisure format is booming and Outfinders, a company based in Manzanares El Real, offers a multitude of games of this format throughout the region of Madrid, do you dare to play?

Escape rooms have become popular as a versatile leisure format to enjoy with family, friends, between couples or colleagues. They are rooms or areas set up to immerse you in an interactive experience that consists of solving riddles, tests and plots and managing to escape, flee or solve the final mystery of the place. 

Outfinders has chosen to take this format outdoors, in the form of outdoor gymkhanas, team games that will make you reflect, overcome tests, dialogue with characters and also visit places and spaces in our region with a particular charm. 

In Manzanares itself, Outfinders offers you the game "El Código de los Mendoza", an outdoor escape room in the Sierra de Guadarrama that will make you take the role of a cryptographer ready to decipher the way to a great relic. 

Another game, "Operación reliquia", can also be played in the streets of this town, as well as in Buitrago del Lozoya and Aranjuez. This time, the game's mission is to solve a series of riddles and mysteries to find an ancient relic that has disappeared from the Royal Palace of Madrid. This game incorporates the use of cell phones to offer a more lively interactive experience in line with the new digital games.

In the capital, Outfinders offers you the game "La máscara veneciana", another outdoor game in which you will form a team hired by the CNI to find a valuable Venetian mask that has been stolen from its museum. Also in Madrid, the game "El Ataque" will make you form part of the Police Computer Crime Squad to prevent a hacker attack on the city's basic infrastructures. This last game is also offered free of charge.

There are escape rooms for all tastes, formats and occasions. Overcome a real family adventure, surprise your partner with a different date or play a horror or mystery adventure with friends, you choose!

Check out all the information and let the adventure kick off!


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Image credits: Game of riddles © Outfinders