Contemporary dancers on stage


On March 24 and 25, the Teatros del Canal will welcome (LA)HORDE, the French dance collective presenting "Room with a view". Contemporary dance, electronic music and vindication meet on stage, not to be missed!

This multidisciplinary piece is presented in the Red Room of the popular Madrid theater. Through dance, the expression of bodies and electronic music, it leads the audience to a reflection on protest, change, uncertainty, chaos and human attitudes that derive from these situations.

The piece is built thanks to the joint work of the dance troupe (LA)HORDE and the French DJ musician, Rone. Both disciplines, music and dance, combine to bring us closer to the prospects of collapse, to the great changes, which are always accompanied, in the words of the management team, by "the paradoxical beauty of chaos", as well as the "saving energy and collective strength" of the human group in the face of adversity.

"Room with a view" thus provides a crossroads, a bittersweet turning point where art rescues the beauty of the moment, but also announces its dangers. Dancers from the Ballet National de Marseille, such as Sarah Abicht, Nina-Laura Auerbach and Daniel Alwell, among many others, are involved in this staging, with a total of twenty dancers in the corps de ballet.

The music is provided by Rone, stage name of Erwan Castex, a musician with extensive experience in theatrical production and musical arrangements for stage and film. Direction and choreography are by Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer and Arthur Harel of (LA)HORDE.

The performance lasts 70 minutes and starts at 8 pm. Check all the information and book your ticket.


More information: "Room with a view" - (LA)HORDE & Rone

Image credits: RWAV © AUDE ARAGO