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Madrid Design Festival poster


Madrid becomes the capital of design thanks to the Madrid Design Festival, the multidisciplinary event that brings together the best design proposals taking place in the capital. Exhibitions, workshops, conferences, meetings and much more!

This fifth edition of the festival runs until March 31 and aims to promote and strengthen Madrid's design network. Specialists, designers and professionals of the sector are the protagonists of the more than 200 activities planned, a very extensive program.

Thus, up to 640 professionals will participate in more than 40 exhibitions, 7 installations and more than 200 activities. This year, the festival proposes transformation, economy and prosperity as essential axes, on which the reflection of its multiple activities is designed. It also establishes, as a transversal purpose, to redesign the world, in reference to the adaptation to the new times and the improvement of our societies.

The festival is decentralized in the capital, occupying numerous halls and art centers. "Extraperlo. Hidden Faces" can be visited at the National Museum of Decorative Arts, an exhibition that shows hidden realities of the design scene. The center also presents the VI Muestra de Orfebrería Contemporánea (VI Exhibition of Contemporary Goldsmithing), with the participation of more than 30 designers of this craft.

The ICO Museum, dedicated to contemporary art, inserts its exhibition "Anna Heringer. The essential beauty" in this festival. This time the exhibition is about architecture, presenting the work of the German professional. 

The OFF Festival is also part of the Madrid Design Festival and hosts its own program with craft workshops, galleries and showrooms, as well as promoting the commercial side of the meeting with stores, presentation and dissemination of their products.

The Fernán Gómez Theater, Centro Cultural de la Villa, will host different exhibition proposals. You can visit there the exhibition "Matador 25 years" or the proposal "Connective Nature", an immersive installation that breaks the traditional conception of passive spectator in an exhibition and proposes ways to improve our cities.

Check out the extensive program that makes Madrid bloom with art this month, don't miss any detail!


More information: Madrid Design Festival 2022

Image credits: MDF 2022 © LaFábrica