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Drawing Room Madrid 2022 poster


The Palacio de las Alhajas in the city of Madrid will host Drawing Room Madrid 2022, the Contemporary Drawing Fair, from February 23 to 27. Are you passionate about the world of drawing? This is the one fair for you!

This is the seventh edition of this particular event that focuses on the dissemination of the scene of contemporary drawing. With a pedagogical and didactic projection, this fair, the only one in Spain fully dedicated to the world of drawing, wants to promote the scene of this art for both professionals and amateurs. 

The fair brings together galleries and individuals, who exhibit their current works and even recover the spirit of the historical avant-garde of the twentieth century, in their efforts to discover new ways of creating.

In fact, the fair, under the artistic direction of Alejandro Martinez, wants to pay tribute to the great masters of modernity, from which springs the inspiration that much of contemporary drawing gathers. This drawing fair also wants to contribute to the commercialization of graphic art, being the dissemination its main tool, to make known the enormous possibilities of this practice.

Galleries from all over the country will exhibit their favorite masters, the figures that inspire their current work. Art Petritxol, from Catalonia, Lage Egal, from Germany, or Martinez & Avenzuela, from Madrid, are some of the galleries featured in this edition. The galleries will also be in charge of telling the link that unites these contemporary artists with the historical masters of drawing. 

If you are a great fan of drawing and its new possibilities, don't miss this great Drawing Room.


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