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Fotografía de Marina Abramovic


The first exhibition of the Serbian artist Marina Abramovic for a decade arrives in Madrid this month. From 16 February until 19 March, enjoy the work of this controversial performer at Bernal Espacio Galería.

The exhibition, entitled "Portrait as Biography", includes eleven photographs by the artist, which are exhibited together with her film '7 deaths', in what is the first screening of the film in our country. In this series of photographs, Abramovic uses the power of portraiture to deepen the contemplative experience of the work. 

The observation of the work as a visiting public is the cornerstone on which this exhibition revolves. The public will notice their own reflection through all the portraits, consolidating a shared image of the artistic contemplation of different faces, gazes and people.

For its part, the film '7 deaths' presents seven premature deaths of the artist which, inspired by the sound universe of María Callas, lead to seven fatal outcomes, each with its own particular dramatic charge. Each fatal outcome is accompanied by an aria by the famous American singer.

Abramovic always promises to break the audience's expectations, both in her exhibitions and in her own performance actions. Don't miss this return of the international artist to Madrid.


More information: "Marina Abramovic: Portrait as Biography"

Image credits: Coming and going © Marina Abramović Archive