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Do you know all the secrets of the Sierra de Guadarrama? The route "Los 14 imprescindibles de la Sierra de Guadarrama" was awarded Best Route in 2018 and covers the essential and most charming places in this region, in detail!

The Sierra de Guadarrama Development Association has published a publication with a detailed account of these 14 essential places in the region. The Sierra de Guadarrama offers a great environment that preserves both a rich biodiversity and a great heritage and tradition, spread over numerous municipalities.

On this great route we can find museums, archaeological sites and castles, a great variety that summarises the great tourist and cultural attraction that is condensed in this region. The route will take you to the Mendoza Castle, in Manzanares El Real, a very well preserved fortress that Don Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, 1st Duke of Infantado, ordered to be built around 1475.

castillo manzanares140218 art

Among the natural sites included in this guide are the Majalespino reservoir, in Becerril de la Sierra, a traditional stop for mountaineers, and the Guadalix reservoir. Three other essential stops on this route are its three sites: El Beneficio, in Collado Mediano, which preserves Roman remains; El Rebollar, located to the west of the town of El Boalo, with an early medieval or even earlier necropolis; and La Cabilda, in Hoyo de Manzanares, with visible remains of a Visigothic village dating from the 7th century.


A large part of the territory of this Sierra falls within the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, which, with an area of 33,960 hectares, around 65% of which belongs to the region of Madrid. The Barranca valley, in Navacerrada, is another essential destination, as it brings together many of the characteristic elements of our mountain range.

La Barranca

Completing this list of unique places is the Stonemason's Museum in Alpedrete, a great tribute to this traditional trade and to many other auxiliary but essential trades, such as the forges. There is also the Paquito Fernández Ochoa Ski Museum, located in Cercedilla, and other unique monuments, such as the sculpture of the Álamo de Miraflores de la Sierra, which features the bronze trunk of a hundred-year-old local poplar tree.

You can't miss the unparalleled wealth of our Sierra de Guadarrama, consult the guide and travel around the region!


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