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Navalcarnero, wine tourism destination


The town of Navalcarnero has a rich cultural and gastronomic offer. A long winemaking tradition in the area, together with the historical heritage preserved in the municipality, make Navalcarnero an ideal destination for wine tourism lovers. Continue reading!

In the municipality of Navalcarnero, wine lovers and wine tasting will be able to delight, first of all, with its Wine Museum. But also, the church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción or the Casa de la Lonja are points of interest in the municipality. The area of Navalcarnero boasts of producing 15% of the annual production of the winegrowers dedicated to the D.O.Vinos de Madrid wines. 

Wine tourism is a growing tourist attraction that offers unique experiences. Visiting a natural or heritage environment has a great incentive if it also allows you to enjoy a good gastronomic offer.

If you visit the area, you will be able to discover the intense flavor of a living tradition, that of the typical wines of Madrid, accompanied by the dreamlike natural surroundings of the Regional Park of the Middle Course of the Guadarrama River. 

Bodegas Muñoz Martín has a winery located in the old part of the town. Since 1930 the family has been producing wine in an artisanal way, combining the craft learned from generation to generation with the new techniques of production and storage. Their 28 hectares of vineyards produce red fino, Tempranillo, and garnacha grapes. In smaller proportions they produce Negral, Malvar, Sirah and Merlot grapes.

There you can taste these wines and even celebrate the occasion. The winery offers group celebrations, visits to the winery and the cave, an enoteca, as well as other activities, such as a picnic in the winery itself. You can enjoy the urban environment of Navalcarnero, its surrounding natural environment and also immerse yourself in the exciting world of wine, its production, tasting and consumption.

Welcome to Navalcarnero!


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