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"The Garden of Delights, a journey through the works of the SOLO Collection"


The venue Matadero Madrid center is hosting a major avant-garde exhibition called "The Garden of Earthly Delights, a journey through the works of the SOLO Collection". It is an innovative proposal that looks back at the works of the painter El Bosco through multiple contemporary references.

Up to 20 multidisciplinary works are part of this exhibition. It is a dedicated collection, the SOLO collection, a contemporary curatorial project based in Madrid.

Artists of the moment, such as Miao Xiaochun, Cassie McQuater, Filip Custic or Cool 3D World, among others, have worked on the themes of Bosch's paintings. Now, this exhibition presents a reinterpretation of these recurring themes in the work of the late 15th century painter through new technologies. 

Sound art, 3D animation and artificial intelligence enable this new exploratory look at classic works. The architectural design of the exhibition, directed by Estudio Herreros, unravels the famous images of Bosch's famous triptych as never before. The symbolism hidden in "The Garden of Earthly Delights" can now be unraveled through contemporary creation and exhibited as never before.

The exhibition, not recommended for children under 16, can be enjoyed until February 27th, don't miss it!


More information: "The garden of delights, a journey through the works of the SOLO Collection"

Image Credits: Smack Spectrum, 2019 © SOLO Collection