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Ad Reinhardt's painting


The Juan March Foundation of Madrid hosts the first retrospective exhibition of the New York artist Ad Reinhardt in our country. A great sample of his work on conceptual art that can be visited until January 16, read on!

Ad Reinhardt is known for being one of the great precursors of modern conceptual art. After finishing his studies in painting at the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University, Reinhardt combined teaching and artistic creation throughout his life. This exhibition reveals both his teaching and artistic facets through a large selection of objects and works.

Nearly 120 of these objects cover the artist's main activity. 47 paintings and drawings by Reinhardt, together with more than 70 books, magazines, newspapers, pamphlets and documentary material, bear witness to his prodigious work as a thinker, creator and teacher.

Reinhardt always wanted to keep the spheres of art and life separate and, thus, this exhibition, in which the Ad Reinhardt Foundation has participated, has created two spaces, one dedicated to his plastic work and the other to his production as a teacher, essayist, illustrator or art critic.

The space "Art is art..." contains his plastic work throughout the convulsive 20th century. Reinhardt took the baton of the nascent abstract art and elevated it to new formulas with his personal stamp. He is known for his minimalist pieces, breaking with classical plastic representation, which experienced the influence of the avant-garde. Reinhardt evolved through abstract art to a rejection of all references when approaching the creative process. His famous "black paintings" of the 1960s are his last productions.

The other space, "...and everything else is everything else", gathers the documentary part, not plastic, that goes through Reinhardt's biography and details the different jobs he performed in relation to art: teaching, illustration, art criticism and essay.

The center offers guided tours of the exhibition in both English and Spanish. Check the schedule and enjoy this genius of contemporary art in Madrid.

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Image credits:  Ad Reinhardt, Yellow Painting, 1949 © Anna Reinhardt/Vegap, Madrid, 2021