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How do we imagine the future? A new exhibition at the Fundación Telefónica in Madrid addresses this important question. "The Great Imagination. Stories of the Future" traces the history of thinking about the future and can be visited until April 17, 2022.

This peculiar exhibition, commissioned by Jorge Camacho, a specialist in futures design and creative technologies, invites visitors to reflect on how different human societies think about the future. Each era and each place, according to its circumstances, has thought about tomorrow in a certain way, under the influence of different currents and historical moments.

The exhibition is an interdisciplinary journey through five different but related areas. The exhibition begins with a reflection on how we think about the future today and explores how it has been thought about in the past. To do so, it uses a selection of literary works that present utopian or dystopian, desirable or feared visions of the future.

Areas such as communications, urban planning and transportation serve as a reflection on the development of societies. Later, the exhibition continues with four spaces reminiscent of the futures imagined by Jim Dator, a renowned current researcher.

Finally, the exhibition concludes by involving visitors in this reflection on tomorrow and inviting them to imagine their own particular vision of the future. Throughout the tour there will be constant references to literature, but also to cinema, music and television, which are the usual scenario of fictions imagined in the future. This exhibition brings together classic works, such as "Utopia" by Thomas More, with modern literary references, such as "1984" by George Orwell, or films such as "2001: A Space Odyssey" by Stanley Kubrick.

Come and reflect together on the future thanks to the detailed work behind this exhibition. The visit is free and requires prior reservation.


More information: "The Great Imagination. Stories of the Future"

Image credits: "The Great Imagination. Stories of the Future" © Fundación Telefónica