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Sierra de Guadarrama


The Sierra de Guadarrama National Park occupies a wide and varied natural space that gives rise to a multitude of themed routes and outdoor activities. Do you already know all its secrets?

The park is crossed by a multitude of paths, historical trails first traced by its inhabitants in the past. Today, these trails total hundreds of kilometers, go deep into its forests and hillsides and connect a multitude of places.

This is the case of the Schmid Trail, 7.8 km long, which connects Cercedilla with Puerto de Navacerrada. A great route that runs through Segovian territory and is a challenge of medium difficulty.

The Cuerda Larga route is 18.2 km long and offers a unique panoramic view from the top of the mountain range. It connects the Puerto de Navacerrada with the Puerto de la Morcuera and due to its route, its altitude and its extension, it is considered a challenge of high difficulty. If strong emotions are your thing, you can also try the route that connects Puerto Cotos with Pico de Peñalara, or the one that connects Rascafría with the Segovian town of La Granja.

To enjoy the mountains with the family, with the little ones, there are easy trails in areas such as Fuenfría, La Pedriza, the valleys of El Paular and Valsaín and Navafría. 

But there is still more! This mountain range has a particular geological profile that invites you to get to know it through routes around the Peñalara Massif, Siete Picos and La Pedriza. Walk through these places and you can discover the granite relief of La Pedriza or the glacial origins of Peñalara.

Moreover, botanical and ornithological routes reveal the fauna and flora of this natural area. A botanical route starts at Puerto de Canencia, and for bird watching, we recommend the Senda Ortiz, which starts next to the hotel La Barranca.

This season, come to the mountains!

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Image credits: Hiking in Guadarrama © Jacinto Marabel Romo. Shutterstock