Turismo Madrid


Detail of "View of the Escorial monastery by Michel-Ange Houasse"


The Museo Nacional del Prado invites you to discover the most popular corners and moments in the history of our region. Visit the museum and follow this thematic itinerary that merges the history of art and the history of Madrid, read on!

A tour of up to 23 stops through the halls of the museum presents the most famous moments in which painting has witnessed the passage of time. Velázquez, Goya or Murillo, among others, accompany you on this tour, the best way to learn about historic Madrid and its region and also enjoy one of the most famous art galleries in the world.

This tour begins in the historic central staircase of the museum, with references to the history of the city of Madrid. You will find paintings that decorated the historic Buen Retiro Palace, such as "Colossal Head", by Vicente Carducho, or "Elephants in a Circus", by the Italian Andrea di Lione. Not to be missed is, of course, "Las Meninas", by Velázquez, which originally decorated another historic site in the city, the Real Alcázar.

Beyond the capital, you will find references to other historic places in our region, such as Aranjuez or San Lorenzo de El Escorial. The chapel of San Antonio del Real Sitio de Aranjuez was decorated by Murillo's work "La Inmaculada Concepción", and Michel-Ange Houasse made around 1680 a landscape of the monastery of El Escorial that you will see, called "Vista del monasterio del Escorial".

Other familiar places of which you will find references are Chinchón, Boadilla del Monte or El Pardo. Returning to Madrid and coming to the painting of the nineteenth century, you can not miss the role of Francisco de Goya as a documenter of the time, with a stop at works such as "May 2, 1808 in Madrid", a commission of Ferdinand VII to the Aragonese painter.

Many of the sites are still open to visitors, such as the recently declared UNESCO World Heritage Site, the "Landscape of Light", which includes the Buen Retiro Garden, the Botanical Garden and the museum building itself. This project aims to revitalize historical tourism nourished by one of the best art collections.

Do not miss this opportunity and discover the historical and living art that still populates our region.


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Image credits: Detail of "View of the Escorial monastery by Michel-Ange Houasse" © Museo Nacional del Prado