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Mushrooms in the forest


Discover the most active and historical Sierra de Madrid with these Visigothic Days, an initiative that offers a multitude of activities and a quality gastronomic offer to celebrate the best tradition of our region, read on!

During these days, the municipality of Hoyo de Manzanares offers its visitors a trip back in time to the 7th century A.D., the period from which its local site, La Cabilda, dates back to. This initiative, now in its fourth edition, builds bridges between family leisure activities and the best current gastronomy, with the Visigothic past of this region. 

Historical recreations, workshops, walks through the countryside, visits to the archaeological site, and a long etcetera; an endless number of activities that, until November 28, will set the scene in this area of the Sierra de Guadarrama. 

On November 19 you will be able to attend a conference entitled "Archaeological interventions at the site of La Cabilda. Campaign 2021", which will reveal the latest findings at the site. During the weekend, enjoy a mushroom self-cultivation workshop and another that will teach you how to differentiate mushroom species.

Other events of great interest are the workshop "Cosmetics and medicine in Visigothic times", on Sunday 21, and a guided visit to the archaeological site of El Rebollar. On the 27th and 28th you will have the opportunity to attend children's workshops, a puppet theater, a Visigothic combat and a performance with Visigothic dances and songs. 

At the same time, up to 10 establishments in the municipality will offer dishes, recipes and menus inspired by the Visigoths. Do not miss the deer sirloin with chestnuts and truffle juice, in the restaurant El vagón de Beni, the Visigothic tapa of the bar El Plaza based on oxtail with wine sauce and chestnut puree, or the great Visigothic tasting menu of the restaurant Espaten. In addition, several stores such as Workshopía will offer handmade products also of medieval inspiration.

Check the whole program and let yourself be taken to the Visigothic time with the best family fun.

More information: Visigoth November 2021

Image Credits: November Visigoth © Sierra del Guadarrama