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75th anniversary of the Adonáis Poetry Prize poster


At the National Library you can visit a bibliographic exhibition for the 75th anniversary of the Adonáis Poetry Prize. It is an exhibition of up to a hundred documents specializing in poetry, read on!

Until December 17, the library's Sala de Guillotinas will host this exhibition documenting the history of the poetry prize. The contest, aimed at promoting young literary talents, has awarded poets such as José Hierro, Juan Carlos Mestre or Ana Merino in the past. 

Adonáis is the longest-running poetry collection in our country and now you can explore its history with this bibliographic exhibition. It is curated by Carmelo Guillén Acosta and the documents on display are part of the archives of the Biblioteca Nacional and Editorial Rialp.

In addition to the poetry prize, the Adonáis collection has carried out important publishing work since its creation in 1943. Since 1946, the collection has been in the hands of Ediciones Rialp and, since then, it has published up to 680 volumes and has had important authors such as Vicente Aleixandre and Dámaso Alonso on its editorial boards.

The exhibition traces the history of the winners of the Adonáis Prize, which is the only award in Spain that does not have a financial endowment. The winners receive one hundred copies of their already published poetry book and a sculpture by Venancio Blanco, the Spanish sculptor. The runners-up receive 100 copies of their published collection of poems. 

Discover the history of the longest running poetry collection in our country.


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Credits Image: 75th anniversary of the Adonáis Poetry Prize © Ediciones Rialp