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Creek in Sierra Norte


Autumn is always a special time to enjoy the nature of our region. Discover the changes in the colors of nature and natural light, or taste some of the seasonal fruits... All this and much more, in the Sierra Norte de Madrid.

The Sierra del Rincón, located in the northwest, is one of the most spectacular places during this season. The three municipalities in the area, Horcajuelo de la Sierra, Prádena del Rincón and Montejo de la Sierra allow you to enjoy traditional landscapes, tranquility and its privileged enclave, with the Biosphere Reserve of the Sierra del Rincón and the famous Montejo Beech Forest, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Another special place during autumn is the Acebeda de Robregordo, a natural meadow that is the best preserved olive grove in our region. It is located near the municipality of Robregordo, from where you can access the place. During autumn and early winter the fruits of holly ripen, a highly valued species because it is protected, so this season promises a spectacular walk tinged with autumn tones and wild plants and fruits.

The Dehesa Bonita de Somosierra, next to the municipality of Somosierra, also becomes an explosion of colors during the season. Its holly, oak, cherry, hazel, rowan and birch trees make it one of the most spectacular forests in our region. There are several circular routes that allow you to discover this botanical treasure.

The pine forests of the Abedular de Canencia, near the Puerto de Canencia, together with an unusual multitude of other species, make this place a great attraction during the autumn. It is located at a high altitude, so the landscape is more of a high mountain. From the same port you can make a route through this place that is home to pines, milojos and, of course, birches, which reach a great height. 

Other attractions in the area during the season are the Finnish Forest of Rascafría, nicknamed for its similarities to the Scandinavian thickets, the festivities of La Hiruela, a municipality in which the harvesting of a type of apple native to the Sierra del Rincón is celebrated, the pero, or the fair of Madarcos, Yesterday and Today, in which traditional trades and occupations of Madarcos and its surroundings are honored and recovered. 

Take advantage of these autumn months to discover the most magical Sierra Norte.

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Image credits: Sierra Norte de Madrid © José Ramiro Laguna. Shutterstock